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Be selective in what you believe but still open to new ways of seeing the world.

Exercise One:  Seeing what's really there

Read these prompts then look at the picture on the left.

Allow yourself 5 minutes for the exercise.  Set a timer.

Decide what's the photo is of.

Now forget the label - flower - and now see what's there.

Objectively observe the picture making no judgements on it:

Colours, shapes, patterns, forms, what's in focus - what's not, what part draws you to it - what part repels you etc.

Become aware of thoughts or questions arising in your mind as you observe it.

Don't engage with them or feel the need to answer them.  

Simply carry on observing the picture for five minutes.

How did you feel before, during and after the exercise?

Was it easy or hard to do?

Why do you think that's the case?

Do you want to be able to focus?

Good artists can paint because they represent what is there, not what they think is there.  

It's the difference between looking and seeing.

Seeing requires:  focused attention, observation and objectivity.

To really see we have to still our mind - stopping it from 'filling in the gaps,' making snap judgements and moving on to the next thing.

Easier said than done, but Maya has ways to help.

Feel free to email Maya and let her know how you got on!


For one day think about what you are thinking

Stop, think - what am I thinking right now?

Write it down, then move on with your day

Repeat this action until you have a list of thoughts

Next day, go through your list.  

What themes or patterns can you see?

Are these thoughts ones you want to keep thinking?

When we focus on our mind and think about what it's saying or doing - we find it's generally boring and narcissistic. Like an insecure child it wants all your attention NOW!

To get that attention it can be mean and unkind - saying things that are hurtful and replaying memories that upset us.

If you are having trouble with unhelpful or disturbing thoughts

Maya can help you shift or change them

Exercise Two: Your Mind and its Games

Feel free to email Maya and let her know what you need

Plant Based Recipes

Here you'll find heaps of creative, useful stuff for you to explore.

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Does it feel like you have a love/hate relationship with your mind?

Do you over think things?

Have thoughts constantly buzzing in your head?

Feel judged or criticised?

Affirmations and Intentions

Let me be love

Let love’s expression negate Me,

Let the furnace of love’s passion burn Me,

Let the depths of love’s fullness drown Me,

Let love’s infinite forms dissolve Me,

Let love meld with me,

Let there be, only -



An unwanted friend

My mind has been my life long companion - but it is no friend to me.

It keeps me shackled in ignorance and solitude,

And guards me selfishly unto itself.

It tells me what I should not do, while criticising my actions and judging my character,

It fills my head with beliefs, of whose validity I have no means of confirming,

and unbidden trots forth past memories of pain and shame,

till guilt overwhelms me.

It cautions me against the future, so I forget the present in a fog of fear,

It inveigles me to believe I need it more than life itself,

this chattering consort who controls my thoughts and feelings -

because it knows, that I do not need it.

Because it knows,

When I know this,

I will be free of its bondage.


Garlic Mushroom Stroganoff

Easy and quick to make versatile mushroom dish.  Mushrooms are a low fat, no carb, source of protein packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


          250g White button,  chestnut or wild mushrooms OR a mix

          1 Leek OR Onion - white or red depending on preference

          2-3 cloves of crushed Garlic - depending on how ‘garlicky’ you like it

          1 tsp sweet Paprika powder

               Chopped Red Capsicum

          1-2 tbs Mmustard

          400g tin Coconut Milk

          Chopped flat Parsley - amount to taste preference

          1-2 tbs Cornflower starch/flour to thicken sauce

Optional for different taste:

          400g tin of whole peeled tomatoes

          Baby green peas

          Braised celery

Serve with:

Sufficient portions of cooked rice, or pasta OR simply serve on slices of toast.

Tossed green salad OR steamed broccoli (great source of calcium) on the side


          Slice mushrooms into slices or quarters

          Finely chop leek/onion and red capsicum.  Chop celery and parsley if using

          Place in frying pan.  Almost cover contents with water, steam water off

          Crush garlic and add to pan

          In a seperate pan prepare your accompanying dishes

          Add mushrooms and sauté till they are soft

          Add coconut milk, parsley, mustard AND paprika

          (If using tomatoes and/or green peas add these now)

          Mix corn starch with a bit of water to avoid lumps

          Add corn starch to frying pan and stir well

          Cook mushroom mix on low heat until sauce thickens


Serve and enjoy!