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Eliminate Covid Anxiety, email Maya

It’s natural to feel anxious at a time like this.

The trouble with heightened anxiety is that it causes stress in our bodies.  

Stress impacts on our ability to: make rational choices and decisions; be considerate of others and their choices; and long term can compromise our immune system, increasing our vulnerability to dis-ease.

Also it's not great feeling worried and upset all the time.

I can help you calm down, eliminate your feelings of anxiety and free your mind to be able to think clearly.  

I can even help shift needle phobias using EFT/Tapping!

Photo of syringe and bottle

Being unvaccinated causing you to feel vulnerable and exposed?

Wanting the vaccine; but getting into a panic over being injected?

Fear over the safety of the vaccine causing you stress?

Concerned over your choice to be vaccinated or not?

Generally feeling unsafe and unsure all the time?

Stressed out wondering how to keep your family safe?

Worried about your job or business?

Feeling overwhelmed by all the bad news?

Feeling panicky about the future?

Angry that others are not taking this matter seriously?

Face masks making you feel anxious and faint?

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Face masks are a double edge sword

Face masks keep us safe from infections BUT wearing them isn't that comfy and can cause us to feel anxious.

They are restricting and annoying

Increase our carbon dioxide levels

Are a constant reminder there's a problem

Stop us being able to read another person's face - mood, intention - making us feel vulnerable.

We don't know how long we'll be wearing them.

All this can stress us out, which isn't great long term.

Mask Help Training Package

At Functional Lives we've come up with a training package to help you deal with the downsides to having to wear a face mask.

You will learn two simple, easy techniques to help reduce your overall anxiety and assist your breathing.

You will be able to use these techniques at work or home.

Using these techniques will make you feel calm and energised.

Training takes 30-45 minutes.  It can be done individually or in a bubble either in-person or over the web.

Why not get family, friends or work colleagues together and share the help?

Ask Maya about the mask help training packages

Feeling anxious due to Covid 19

or wearing face masks?